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Is there a cost for signing up as a partner?

We offer zero upfront cost for your first listing. We know you will love the amazing platform set in place, and we offer fascinating packages at the best prices for multiple ad listings. Check out the Partner Packages available for listing incredible experiences, services, and events only available in Florida.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel, remove, pause, re-instate, and edit any of your profile and ad listings on your personal customizable dashboard, organizing all of your professional needs. Cancellation of live ad listings will need allotted time to remove listing.

How do I track my listings?

Easily track and maintain all of your information on your personalized dashboard that allows for easy access and organization of removal, tracking, approved, pending, rejected, and pay-outs of all your listings.

How are refunds handeled?

Any refund requested within three days of purchase will be returned via Swell Travels; Afterwards, all refunds will be handled strictly with Partners offering service. Customers have free cancellations within the first three days of valid purchases, unless stated otherwise in the fine print, and money spent never expires. We offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your added support.

When do I get paid?

In most cases, Partners will be paid three days after each successful transaction. All successful purchases are paid three days after a transaction in valid account provided from Partner, including easy access to tracking approved, pending, and rejected transactions available on your personalized dashboard.

Are there any other ways of marketing my company?

Join Swell Travels and leave the marketing to us while you handle your attractive Florida business.  We have a dynamic marketing platform set up for accelerating your company with our impressive Partner Packages that include personalized dashboards, in addition to options like City Spotlights, City Sponsorships, Regional Spotlights, Regional Sponsorships, Volunteering Sponsorships, and striking banners; all gaining more attention to our valued customers that are thrilled to learn about this new hub for Florida.

Do you offer custom packages?

Yes, we look forward to working with larger companies who can help us reach higher awareness and allow for optimal grounds at offering incredible experiences in Florida while maintaining constant efforts towards its sustainability. Send Swell Travels and email:, call us: 352-396-3313, or let one of our Affiliates come sign you up today.

How often can I change my ad listing?

We will provide each partner with a personalized dashboard, tracking all of your listings and allowing easy access to customize, add, pause, delete, and edit any of them; including Charts and Ratings showing on all of your ad performances and pay-out details.

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